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What do I listen to when I work

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Yuriy Semyenkov
Yuriy Semyenkov
DevOps, tech, geek, mentor
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What I Listen On?

AirPods Pro 2 — powerful noise cancellation system, fit well in the ears, still hold a charge well, switches between devices correctly. They are over a year old, I use them every day. I’m deeply integrated into the Apple ecosystem and don’t think I’ll switch to another headphone brand in the foreseeable future.

What Do I Listen To?

It really depends on my mood, the task at hand, energy level, but here are the main playlists from my bookmarks:

  • Discovery of the year — hip-hop is great for work, made such a playlist on Spotify.

  • If I want something a bit more calming, I turn on lo-fi girl. Either on Spotify, or Youtube.

  • I always find it hilarious that the soundtrack from the game Stronghold Crusader tops my Spotify Wrapped for the second year in a row, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a really cool 40-minute playlist. Spotify, Youtube.

  • A very long playlist that is both relaxing and keeps you focused with an ambient remix of the soundtrack to the movie Dune.

  • Another long playlist, repetitive but more relaxing — music from the game Witcher 3. Youtube.

  • When in a cheerier mood, I might play my retro playlist - Spotify.

  • Two playlists about 15-20 minutes each — two radio stations from the game GTA 3 on Youtube: Game Radio, and Head Radio.

  • Quite upbeat music, can be distracting, suited for less focused and routine work — 40 minutes, album by the band The Medics (NL) Spotify, Youtube.


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